New this year is the ability to submit advanced bidding on the priceless items that will be auctioned off live at the golf tournament on May 20th!  So, if you are unable to golf with us or attend the luncheon, you still have the opportunity to own some of the amazing items!

All advanced bids will be tallied on Sunday, May 19th.  The highest minimum bidder becomes the opening bid during the live event at the tournament.  For example, you bid $250 as your advanced minimum bid and $500 as your advanced maximum bid for the autographed Tom Brady football.  There are several other advance bids, but those minimum bids are lower than your $250 bid, so your $250 bid becomes the opening bid during the live event.

Our talented auctioneers will accept new bids during the live event.   If there are no additional bidders at the live event, then your advanced minimum bid of $250 is the winner!  If higher bids are received during the live auction, the auctioneers will use your advanced maximum bid of $500 to entice the group to raise their bids.  If the highest live bid is $300, then you win the item for $301.   But if the live bidding goes higher than $500, the higher bid from the live event will be the winner.   


Deadline to submit is Noon on Sunday, May 17th!  You can submit your bid using the on-line bidding form to the right, or you can contact Paul Coyle directly by email at or call at 508-737-9555.     

Thanks for submitting a bid!



Check back soon to see the amazing items available for advanced bidding!